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Partner with Us!

We've partnered with over 100 doctors around the country to create schools and help thousands of students launch careers as dental assistants. We have also helped to solve the staffing needs of our hiring partners. With us you could:

  • Earn money during times that your office is closed
  • Have first choice for hiring Dental Assistants
  • Be part of the solution to the student debt crisis in our country

We Believe

Our country deserves affordable higher education options that lead to employment. Our career schools teach students via hands-on instructions in an actual work place creating the opportunity for accelerated learning. Our students are the most highly trained and ready for work. Partnering with industry is the path to job creation. Our partners serve their communities by increasing access to education and benefit financially through payments for the use of their office.


We Produce Freedom Through Education

We currently have over 100 schools operating throughout the US and are growing daily!


Explore Fit

We have a conversation to explore the opportunity together to determine if the school is a good preliminary fit for everyone


In this stage we gather information to determine whether the practice qualifies as a school site and issue an agreement that both parties sign.

Administrative and Legal

In this stage we write the school application and collect all required supplemental documents as required by the state and submit accordingly.

Prepare for Opening

After we get state approval, we set a start date. Then we work on hiring and training school staff, we turn on marketing, and then we order, unpack, and set up supplies. We coordinate all of these activities with you so we can set up the school without disrupting the practice.


Open the school and begin classes on the decided start date.


Our Campus managers will communicate with you on a regular basis after the school opens. They can give you updates on the school, assist you with hiring needs for assistants, and address any questions that you may have going forward.


Here is what is required:

  • Your office must be closed and accessible to us on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • A minimum of 4 operatories and space to store our supplies.
  • Wifi
  • Accessible Parking

Benefits to You

  • Additional income for your practice with little to no effort on your part.
  • Access to trained dental assistants to help solve your hiring needs.
  • Additional insurance provided for the practice that covers all school-related activities.
  • We pay all costs associated with the school and manage all operational aspects of the school.
To request an evaluation to become a host location, please fill out the application below: