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December 19, 2020

5 Surprising Benefits of Online Learning 

You spend almost your whole life online. (You can stop trying to hide behind your computer screen now.) Between posting selfies, reveling in Netflix, hopping on Zoom calls and such, why not put some of that online time into online learning?

When you check out Arch Dental Academy and our easy-peezy dual-learning system, you’ll wonder why you’ve wasted so many of your precious moments checking out other people’s assets on Instagram.

We’ve developed something you actually need: a fast and easy way to earn a certification in dental assisting.

You know, a way to make some actual cash instead of spending your last few Covid relief dollars on a neon LED-light-up-face-mask. Yes, that’s a thing. Our highly-recommended in-person labs and 90% online training won’t break the bank either.

Here are a few more reasons to give Instagram a time-out and put your mind to use with online-learning:

  1. Dental assisting jobs are hot right now. It doesn’t matter if you check out Ziprecruiter, Indeed, Monster or a local job placement service. There are hundreds of dental assisting jobs posted in almost every major city. This sector of the market is only expected to grow, too. Think of an online certificate in dental assisting as job-insurance during unprecedented, and very strange times. (Have you seen those unemployment numbers coming out lately?)

  2. Online learning lets you dictate your own schedule. You can level up your job skills without completely giving up your late morning wake-up time, or late-night binge watching of the Office. Online learning is self-paced, and self-scheduled. You only have to show up for in-person (and highly educational) labs at the end of your certification. This dual-learning model we’ve created at Arch Dental Academy is one-of-a-kind.

  3. You can save a ton of cash. Dental assisting jobs via an online training course are wallet-friendly. There are even payment plans so you can keep your Bitcoin, or some of those wadded up $20s stuck under your mattress. Our programs are affordable so you don’t have to take out student loans and go into debt to gain the credentials you need to start a dental assistant career.

  4. Online certification allows you to keep your day job. If you’re already employed but looking for something better, you can take our courses in your down-time, and even get help finding a better job with our job assistance services when you’ve completed your training. We help with your resume, interview skills, and maintain relationships nearby offices so we can tell you where to apply for your new dental assisting job.

  5. Make some real money in a growing field. The average salary for a dental assistant is $41,170 annually or $19.79 an hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many people go on to expand their dental careers to make exponentially more. You’ve got to start though. Invest in yourself a little.

Take a break from Instagram and become a Dental Assistant today.